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Ask Alastara

Hello! I am Alastara. Born in Iroha 19 years ago, I've always been unlucky. Don't ever bash my mother, my sister Morgathe or my... uh... or Ángel. I'm not afraid to kill with my own hands. Not anymore.
Mar 10 '13

On hiatus

((My tablet is broken (and I’m not getting any questions anyway) so I’m going to stay away from Tumblr for a while. If you want I can reply to your questions without a picture, but it will look way too plain so idk :/))

Jan 4 '13

trudy-88 asked:


Potato! <3 NOMNOM~

Dec 31 '12


my one goal in life is to create something with which people will ship characters and have feels and write bad fanfiction.


Dec 15 '12
Wait. Who was recording us when I got out of prison?! Tsk. Stalkers.

Wait. Who was recording us when I got out of prison?! Tsk. Stalkers.

Dec 10 '12


For every person who reblogs this I will go on their blog and send them a message with one PERFECT word to fit their blog


(god is watching you)





N-not like I care what you think, though. I don’t care about anyone anymore.

((Don’t mind her, she’s a tsundere))

Dec 9 '12

Anonymous asked:

show us a pic of you and angel together

This is the only one I have so far… We are not allowed to take pictures in this fuckin’stupid prison, that’s why it is so special for me. For us.

Dec 2 '12


((G-gosh I have a lot of questions but I lost my graphic pen an I have no idea for to how to reply with drawings ;__;))

Oh… Masada-sensei? My admin said she’d love to help such a nice person! I’m not talented at all, but she’s drawing all day long so I’m sure she could do something.

((Sketch the answers and give them to me, I’ll do the lineart if you want. I know it won’t look as good as it usually does, but at least people will be satisfied…))

Nov 26 '12

Anonymous asked:

what is your favorite thing to do

Food is my passion. We couldn’t afford eating a lot in Iroha, and, obviously, I ate even less in prison. So, now that Ángel brings me food (even though it’s only once a week), I love filling myself with yummy bread and fruit!

Nov 25 '12

Anonymous asked:

top or bottom

Unless I’m feeling lazy. Then I let Ángel be the top.

Nov 25 '12

Anonymous asked:

I ship you with L from Death Note. How would you guys look together?

He’s soooo not my type of guy. I mean, you can’t even hold a proper conversation with him! “Do you like sweets?” “Not really, only chocolate” “Weird. Are you Kira by any chance?” “I-I don’t think so” “Do you agree with Kira’s ideas?” Who the hell is Kira?!

We could be friends, though. I’ve heard he fights for justice… That’s good.